What’s in My Travel Bag

As I pack for NY tomorrow, I wanted to share what is in my travel bag. My must haves for a cross country flight are:

  • Nivea Hand Creme- this is hands down my favorite hand Creme for long flights. It’s conveniently sized and works.
  • Bobbi Brown Face Powder- this compact has a mirror and applicator in it, perfect for a layover or after a long flight.
  • Kate Spade Wallet- I don’t normally use this large wallet, but for trips I like to have more cards on me for emergencies. I love how much this holds.
  • Michael Khors Passport Holder- although I’m just going to New York, I like to have my passport on me. One of my favorite passport holders is this one.
  • Nivea Chapstick- it’s hard to find a good lip moisturizer. This is one of my favorites.
  • Tarte Lip Creme in Wonder- this color is perfect and easy to apply on the go.
  • Cliff Bar- for long flights I HAVE to take a snack! My go to snack is the peanut butter crunch bar.
  • Travel Journal & Pen
  • Tucker Ashley Face Creme- flights are so drying! This face Creme is refreshing and light.
  • Kate Spade Business Card Holder- you never know who you’re going to meet on a trip. I always keep business cards handy.
  • Ray bans

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